Game designer : recruit Luc Chavansot to design your video games or gamify your activity

Services: 4 key missions of the game designer

Game designer – what’s that funny name ? It’s a professional whose role is to design the game mechanics, rules, playability, scenario(s) of any given game. It can be video games but also board games or even life-size games such as escape games or outdoor games.

Game designer in Bordeaux, I design for you innovative and exciting games in the format of your choice !

Game Design

As the designer of the scenarios and rules of your video game (or any other type of game), I am in constant contact with your production team as well as with your various service providers (2D and 3D artists, sound designers, developers, animators etc.). A member of the team has a question about your gameplay (game system), its balancing or scripting ? I’m the man for the job !

Level Design

As a game designer, one of my main missions is to define and calibrate the different levels of your game. For each level, I determine the objectives to reach, the difficulty, the rewards to win and I always try to balance difficulty and playability so that the gamer feels challenged and captivated, but never discouraged !

Game Design Document

I produce for the production team and the different parties involved in the project the reference documents that will allow them to develop the game : rules, character descriptions, scenarios, levels, objectives, rewards and malus… Everything is synthesized through documentation written by me and completed according to the needs of the production team.


I am also able to produce one or more prototypes for you as the game development work progresses. It is essential to test the game mechanics and the different scenarios before validating them: for that, nothing is better than going through prototyping phases !

Use innovative media to boost your activity

My Game Designer services extend over several forms of media:

Video games

I develop and write for you the details of the game mechanics - in other words, the entire gameplay - but also the characters and the scenario that form the basis of your video game.

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Board game

I will design a board game taking into account your specific needs as well as those of your company and your employee.

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Escape game

Besoin de gamifier votre activité ou de travailler le team building en créant un escape game pensé pour vos collaborateurs ou pour vos clients ?

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Who am I ?

All about Luc Chavansot, game designer in Bordeaux

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Video games, gamification, game design: discover my know-how

Burn'escape - Escape game

Burn'escape - Escape game

Position : Lead Game Designer
Diomeda - Puzzle game 2D

Diomeda - Puzzle game 2D

Position : Pixel Artist & Game Designer

Pixel Art: discover the hidden talent of Luc Chavansot!

Some like windsurfing, table tennis or basketry…

Me, my thing is Pixel Art !

I am able to create for you characters and universes entirely designed according to this retro but singularly popular plastic technique.

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