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How to find a competent and creative game designer? Luc, nice to meet you...

Are you looking for a creative and motivated game designer? Bet on my profile!

You’re wondering what would make you decide to work with me rather than another and you’re afraid you’ll come across yet another About page where you can read that my biggest flaw is being a perfectionist ?

Don’t worry, I have no intention of doing that to you. I could also tell you that I am inventive, motivated and persevering, and this could even be true ! 

But the truth is that there are not thirty-six ways to do it… Call me and let’s talk about it !

Discover my career as a game designer!

• 2011 – High-school degree
• 2016 - 2019 - Bachelor Game Design & Creative coding chez E-Artsup
• 2019 - Launch of my activity as a freelance Game Designer in Bordeaux
• 2019 - 2020 - Several freelance projects :

- Space Collectors / realization of several production documents
- Burn'escape / creation of an escape about burn out

- Gambi Mobile / creation of an animated character in pixel art
• 2020 – To be continued...

Luc Chavansot - 3 things to know before working with me

Japan fan

I’m found of Japan, it’s culture,  architecture, gastronomy, mangas, animes and of course… it’s video game culture !

Food black hole

I’m a pretty good eater and I bite life to his fullest. I also believe that the vocation of a meal break is to highlight the croissant or the chocolatine that must accompany it.

RPGs Lover

I have an affection for RPGs (role playing games). I love the systems gathered around this kind of game. I love complex scenarios and especially RPGs which make you travel into new universes like (Dragon quest, Star Ocean, Witcher, etc…)